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True Crime Legends Say

March 5, 2019

"Kenneth Mains is an experienced and hard working detective.  He has vast of knowledge in criminal investigation, human behavior and forensic evidence. I had some excellent working experience with him." -  Dr. Henry Lee - World Renown Forensic Criminologist                        


"Ken Mains is an experienced investigator with a vision. His drive and devotion to solve 'cold cases' have no parallel. Without Ken, these crimes would continue to collect dust in file drawers. I consider Ken Mains one of the top detectives in this country. I am proud to know him." - Werner U. Spitz, MD, FCAP, World Renown Forensic Pathologist


" Ken Mains is a professional investigator with a stellar reputation and is motivated by the best possible reason: he wants to give a voice to all the tragic souls who have been silenced. Ken has established relationships with the top professionals in many fields related to criminal investigations and utilizes their knowledge in his work. I cannot think of a better choice for cold case investigations." - Lt. Joe Kenda (ret) -  Legendary Homicide Detective from Investigative Discovery's Hit Television Show 'Homicide Hunter'.


“ The investigation, analysis, and resolution of cold cases in real life is more complex and challenging than what is portrayed in the world of fiction.  Experience, dedication, perseverance, and keen intellect are necessary for successful outcomes.  Kenneth Mains possesses all these qualities and utilizes his acquired skill to help bring closure and comfort to puzzled agencies and grieving families." - Dr. Cyril Wecht - World Renown Forensic Pathologist


Kenneth is an experienced investigator and trusted friend and colleague. His organizational skills and ability to gather a team of national experts in all fields related to Violent and Sexual Crimes is phenomenal. I have a tremendous amount of respect for his investigative insights and his integrity as an honest and hardworking professional." — Jim Clemente Former FBI Senior Criminal Profiler and Writer for TV Show 'Criminal Minds'

"You have done an amazing job!! Just Amazing! I am proud to be affiliated with you and your work." -  Dr.Mary Ellen O’Toole - Former FBI Criminal Profiler who has helped capture, interview and understand some of the world’s most infamous people including The Green River Killer , The Unabomber  and The Zodiac Killer.