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Episode 4 - Manson Family Member Dianne Lake Interview

Detective Ken Mains goes 1 on 1 with former Manson Family member Dianne "Snake" Lake about all things Charles Manson. A remarkable look inside the Manson Family Fifty Years later. We discuss:

- Witnessing the burning of evidence from the Tate–LaBianca murders
- Manson the Con Man
- Her night with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson
- The confession she got from a killer before anyone else
- How she felt testifying against Charles Manson in 1970
- What one of the killers gave her from the LaBianca murders
- Quentin Tarantino's 9th Film 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' and its portrayal of the Family
- How she fell for Sharon Tate after Tarantino's portrayal
- Spahn Ranch living
....and many other stunning admissions.

Episode 3 - The Disappearance of Dawn Miller (Part 2)

The conclusion into the disappearance of Dawn Marie Miller. The confession leads Detective Mains to an area in which he believes Dawn suffered her fate. For the book 'Forgotten' go to

Episode 3 - The Disappearance of Dawn Marie Miller (Part 1)

Dawn Marie Miller disappeared in October 1992 from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Detective Ken Mains requested the case fifteen years later because no one in the Police Department knew they had a missing person case. This is part one of his investigation and personal journey into Dawn's disappearance. For more information please read his book, written as a screenplay, Forgotten

More information about the case can be found at

Also you can watch this episode and others at 

Episode 2 - Ten Steps to Solve a Cold Case

Detective Mains goes through his methodology and steps he uses to help solve cold cases.

Episode 1 - Inside the Mind of a Cold Case Detective

In the premiere episode of 'The Unsolved No More Show' we will go inside the mind of our host Detective Ken Mains. You will hear his story of how he became one of the most sought after cold case detectives in the world. We feel it is important for listeners to get to know Detective Mains and the journey he took from troubled teenager to United States Marine Corps Veteran. His struggles to be the first in his family to graduate from college and become a Police Officer and his work as an undercover narcotics agent with the FBI. Finally his success as a Cold Case Detective leading to the creation of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases and his co-starring and consulting producer role in the History Channel's five episode true crime television series 'Hunt for the Zodiac Killer'.

We feel its important to know the character of a man first and foremost to establish a foundation for the listener. Raw, unrelenting and provocative. Detective Mains fires back at his critics, former zodiac killer detectives and District Attorney officials.  He will talk about his influences, his rock and roll infatuation and his criticism of law enforcement who don't accept help in cold cases. 

A true assessment of a man is through his character and as Detective Mains states, "without honesty and integrity you are not much of a man." In this episode you will learn about the man who has been called "One of this Country's Greatest Detectives".