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Ronald Defeo Jr. | Real Amityville Horror | Q&A

October 26, 2021

Ronald "Butch" Defeo Jr. was arrested and convicted for killing his mother, father and four siblings on November 13, 1974 in the house that inspired the Amityville Horror movies. But did he actual commit these murders? Did he have help from a friend and/or sibling? Or...were there much darker forces at work and Butch became possessed by an actual demon? What is the truth?

Q&A Friday allows Detective Mains to sift through all the comments made on this weeks case and answer your questions and respond to your comments.

Ken Mains is a foremost expert on cold cases and is highly respected in his field as a professional investigator with the skills and determination to effectively solve cold cases. He can be seen on the History channel's five episode docu-series "Hunt for the Zodiac Killer" among other television shows. He is the author of numerous books and has a combined 20 years served in the United States Marine Corps and as a Detective in Law Enforcement. Read More at  

In 2013 he established the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases where he led the best investigators in the world to help solve cold cases. Those investigators included Joe Kenda, Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole, Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Werner Spitz, Dr. Cyril Wecht among others.

Crime scene photos and in particular, Dawn's room.

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